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Coat Stand – An Essential Piece of Entrance Hall Furniture

Coat HangerYour entrance hall is in a way an introduction to your home and plays an important role in its overall beauty. But it also plays an important role in its functionality because it is typically also used as a storage place for coats, hats, umbrellas and a number of other items in order to increase the space and aesthetic appeal elsewhere in the home.

Coats take a lot of space and keeping them stored in a wardrobe with the rest of the clothing is very inconvenient as well as impractical. In addition, coats do not only provide an additional warmth during the cold weather but also protect your clothing from rain, dust and other outdoor elements. And for that reason they really do not belong into a wardrobe where you keep the rest of your clothing. Not having a separate storage space for coats, however, is just as unacceptable because they would make your home appear cluttered and disorganized no matter how beautifully it is furnished and decorated. To prevent the coats from making clutter as well as to have them easily available, most home owners keep them in the entrance hall which an ideal storage place for coats and other outdoor garments. After all, you do not need a coat before you leave your home.

Thanks to the huge offer of entrance hall and hallway furniture, you can make your entrance hall both functional and good looking. You can choose between a wealth of units which typically also include storage space for other pieces of outdoor gear including shoes, hats, mittens, etc. enabling you to have your things organized and keep the entrance hall looking clean and tidy. However, creating enough storage space for all your coats (and your family members' ones) using the entrance hall storage units alone is virtually impossible without making it appear over-furnished. And this makes a coat stand an essential piece of entrance hall furniture.

In contrary to most other pieces of entrance hall furniture, a coat stand does not take much space. On the contrary, it helps you make the most of it as it provides you with plenty of space for your coats thanks to its slim design which is available in literally countless versions. Coat stands, of course, also come in a wealth of styles which makes them very easy to combine with just about every furnishing style. The preferred materials are wood and metal both of which last a lifetime, however, most home owners decide for wooden coat stands. This is due to the fact that no material can compare to the unique appeal of wood. It also creates a special kind of warmth and a welcoming atmosphere which makes it a perfect choice for entrance hall furniture. So if you want your entrance hall to look beautiful and be practical at the same time, a coat stand is a must have.