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Wooden Coat Stands As Decoration Items

Coat HangerMany pieces of furniture create a highly decorative effect enabling you to both improve your home's functionality and enhance its beauty. One of the best examples are coat stands, especially those that are made from wood which can be used to give your entrance hall a touch of class without affecting its functionality.

Coat stands are available in many materials including metal and plastic which can look highly appealing as well. But neither of both materials creates such an impression as wood. Natural wood has a unique character and tends to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere by reflecting unique a sense of warmth, while pieces of furniture that are made from solid wood give the home a touch of class and sophistication. In addition to having a unique character, wood is also a highly versatile material and can be used to make some of the most unique designs especially when hand crafted from a single tree trunk. As a result, some wooden coat stands resemble sculptures and pieces of artworks rather than merely a functional piece of furniture which helps save space in the entrance hall.

Many pieces of furniture that are used for decorative purposes often are not particularly practical but not coat stands. Even the most elaborate stands are fully functional and are designed to both make a statement and enable you to make the most out of the space available. Coat stands are an indispensable piece of entrance hall furniture due to the fact that they are exceptional space savers and designers of the most unique coat stands are well aware that a contemporary home must look beautiful and provide the highest level of comfort at the same time.

By using a coat stand as a decoration item, you do not need to make any compromises between aesthetic appeal and functionality. But it is also true that a stand which is filled with coats to the maximum capacity does not come to expression. So if you are considering buying a fine coat stand to make a statement, it is a good idea to create an additional storage space for your coats, jackets and other pieces of outdoor outfit.

Despite the fact that even the most unique and artistic coat stands are made with a great deal of attention to functionality, you are highly recommended to pay attention to the weight of the stand no matter if you intend to use it to enhance the beauty of your entrance hall or as a fully functional piece of furniture. Keep in mind that winter coats are quite heavy and pose a risk of the stand to tip over if it is not heavy enough and if the coats are hanged on one side only. This does not only ruin the functionality of the coat stand but also poses a risk of injury.