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Coat Stands – How They Help Save Space

Coat HangerAdding another piece of furniture to your entrance hall means giving up more space but there is one piece of furniture which helps you save space in your entrance hall as well as the rest of your home – coat stands. Besides taking a minimal amount of space and proving considerably more storage space than the traditional storage units without wrinkling or changing the shape of your clothing, a carefully chosen coat stand will also give your entrance hall a touch of class and style. But let's see how these simple pieces of furniture help save space.

The thing that makes coat stands such excellent space savers is their design. A coat stand is typically extremely slim and tall, while the coat hooks are arranged in a way to provide storage space for the maximal amount of coats. An average coat stand can easily accommodate at least 10 heavy winter coats in contrary to the classic coat racks and hanging units which usually have 50 percent less space for coats despite the fact that they take considerably more space than coat stands. The traditional entrance hall units are preferred because they also provide storage space for mittens, scarves and other smaller pieces of outdoor gear, however, many coat stands provide storage space for these items as well.

Since coat stands provide more room for coats on a considerably smaller space, they help optimize space in the entrance hall. Thanks to the unique design and exceptional storage capacity, the same stand that is used to hang coats by you and your family members also provides enough room for your guests' coats. By providing your guests with a place to hang their coats, you will make them feel more comfortable and welcome in your home as coats take a lot of space if brought inside your home, not to mention that a pile of coats affects its aesthetic appeal. A simple thing as a coat stand therefore enables you to improve your home's functionality and keep it visually appealing at the same time.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that a coat stand will take more space when filled with coats. So if you want it to provide you with a storage space for your own and your guests' coats without making your entrance hall appear crowded, you should determine how much space you have available and choose a stand accordingly as some designs are created with a great deal of attention to space optimization. Also, determine whether you need extra features such as storage space for mittens, hats, keys, etc. which can be very practical if you are faced with lack of space for the traditional entrance hall storage units.

In addition to enabling you to optimize the space in your entrance hall, the chosen stand should also meet your taste for aesthetic appeal and match the overall style of both your entrance hall and home. The last but not the least important is to pay attention to its weight because a stand needs to be relatively heavy in order to be able to bear the weight of heavy winter coats as well as provide stability in case the weight of the coats is not equally distributed.