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How To Keep Your Entrance Hall Good Looking and Well Organized

Coat HangerYour entrance hall is the first thing your guests notice when they enter your home. It should therefore always look its best. However, your entrance hall should also be practical and provide you with enough space for your coats, hats, shoes and other things you normally keep at the entrance door.

How to make the most out of your entrance hall in the first place depends on its size. However, even a tiny room can be made very practical and visually appealing with carefully selected entrance hall furniture which plays the key role in both your entrance hall's look and functionality. The offer of entrance hall furniture is enormous and finding the one that fits perfectly into your home, provides you with enough storage space and meets your taste for aesthetic appeal therefore should not be a problem if you take enough time to go through the offer and keep in mind your specific needs. Which pieces of furniture to choose is of course completely up to your personal preferences but you are highly recommended to measure your entrance hall precisely to determine how much space you have available. Also, take into account the things you (and your family members) keep or would like to keep in the entrance hall.

If you want to keep your entrance hall good looking and well organized, you need several pieces of furniture – a wardrobe to store out-of-season coats, a unit for shoes, drawers for scarves, mittens, hats and similar items, a coat rack as well as a coat stand. In the recent years, coat stands are again becoming an essential piece of entrance hall furniture because the coat racks/hooks which are either mounted on the wall or integrated into the furniture often do not provide enough space, especially when you receive guests.

Like its name suggests, a coat stand is a free standing piece of furniture which is used to hang coats although some also provide a storage space for umbrellas, hats and other pieces of outdoor outfit. Coat stands usually are not included in the entrance hall furniture sets and are purchased separately. However, finding a coat stand that meets both your taste for beauty and specific needs, and goes well with the existing furniture at the same time should not be a problem because the offer is truly enormous.

The main purpose of a coat stand is obviously to provide storage space for coats, however, they can also be used to give your entrance hall a touch of class because a carefully chosen stand has a decorative effect at the same time. In addition to the classic coat stands, it is also possible to find stands which resemble sculptures rather than stands to hang coats but they offer all the functionality of "ordinary" stands.