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Tips on Buying Wooden Coat Stands

Coat HangerWooden coat stands are both practical and aesthetically appealing piece of entrance hall furniture and make a beautifully furnished entrance hall look even more beautiful and inviting. Which wooden coat stand to choose is of course completely up to you but if you would like it to provide you with plenty of space for coats and give your entrance hall a touch of class, you are recommended to pay attention to the following factors:

Space available. Before you start looking for a wooden coat stand, you should carefully measure your entrance hall and determine exactly how much space you have for a coat stand. It should fit perfectly into your entrance hall without making it appear tight and over-furnished. Coat stands are great space savers, however, keep in mind that they take more space when filled with coats.

Aesthetic appeal. Furniture does not only make your home functional but it also determines its aesthetic appeal and character. The chosen wooden coat stand should therefore meet your taste for aesthetic appeal, however, it should also complement the beauty of the existing entrance hall furniture as well as the overall style of your home.

Functionality. A coat stand must look good but in the first place, it needs to serve its purpose which is providing you with enough space for your coats. It is often challenging to find a coat stand which is a perfect blend of style and functionality but you are highly recommended to make no compromises between style and functionality because a beautiful stand that does not provide enough coat hooks is of little use.

Extra features. Some coat stands do not only enable you to hang coats but also come with additional storage space for umbrellas, hats, scarves, keys, etc. Consider your needs and look for a coat stand that meets your very own specific needs.

Weight. This may seem unusual but the weight is highly important when it comes to coat stands. A coat stand needs to hold the weight of heavy winter coats without posing a risk of tipping over if the weight is not perfectly distributed. As a result, the heavier the stand the better.

Uniqueness. If you would like to make a statement, you should perhaps focus on handmade coat stands. They do not only have a unique character which makes them even more appealing but they are also unique in the true meaning of the word because it is impossible to make two identical stands by hand.

Price. The price tag, unfortunately, is something most of us cannot ignore. However, you are highly recommended against choosing a wooden coat stand on the basis of the price. It may be true that the price does not necessarily reveal the quality but too-good-to-be-true prices are always a red flag. And considering that a quality wooden coat stand will last you a lifetime, a stand that meets your specific needs and taste for aesthetic appeal perfectly is a good investment regardless of its price.